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StreamDotMy SDN BHD is a registered Malaysian based company built by a group of talented individuals with a vision. A vision of not giving up when you reach dead ends, with this as a motivator, we are constantly learning, researching and updating our knowledge in providing you best-of class solutions.

All of the people at StreamDotMy started working as freelance and driven by passion; we have evolved and grow to provide excellence in our selected fields. Engaging Google and Message Boards as one method of getting the latest updates, we so do not steer away from printed research and references. We believe that .human touch. is integral in rendering our service, hence we stay true to the statement .Customer is always right. and gathered invaluable experience when dealing with our customers.

In the early days, we specifically focused on Web Design and static pages development. With the running projects we were engaged, we see the need to explore Dynamic Web Development with Server Administration and Managing Client's Server at allocated Datacenter.

Upon successful implementation, we started writing tutorials and how tos in our blogs and due to our market specialty on the written subject, we were asked to provide Training service.

We exclusively offering training of our programming specialty, Web Development with CakePHP Framework to numerous organizations and getting more requests by day.

Since 2010 however, StreamDotMy have focused on new technology, which is Web Streaming on Desktop and Mobile. We learn the technology, understand it and started few POC project with our clients. To be honest, livestreaming business is no easy to tame but we've learned a lot.

StreamDotMy SDN BHD

Our solution is robust, customizable media server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio to any device, anywhere. Whether you deploy it in the cloud or on premises,