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Wowza Streaming Engine Administration Training

Wowza Basic

Wowza Basic training is targetted to anyone who is new with streaming technology. Students will learn on how to install, configure and setup Wowza Streaming Server for Windows, Linux and Mac OS

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Wowza Intermediate

Already mastered the streaming basics, this course will take you further. Students will master on how to expand the architecture, learn the basic security and optimize the server for large scale deployment.

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Wowza Combo Package

Combine 2 courses into 1 and enjoy the thrilling adventure of becoming Streaming Master.

Plus, some bonus materials awaits you

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Web Development Training

HTML / CSS / Javascript

New to web development ? This is introductory course for you. Learn the basics and correct way of Web Development.

  1. 2 days class
  2. Introduction to HTML
  3. Introduction to CSS
  4. Introduction to Javascript
  5. Using Twitter Bootstrap as Template
  6. Introduction to Web Server components
PHP / MySQL / JQuery

Ready to put some spices on your static website ? Then this course is for you.

  1. 2 days class
  2. Introduction to PHP Scripting Language
  3. Introduction to XAMPP for Windows
  4. Introduction to MySQL Database & PHPMyAdmin
  5. Introduction to JQuery Ajax Framework
  6. Introduction to Web Server components
  7. Using Twitter Bootstrap as base HTML
  8. Develop a complete application
CakePHP Framework

Going to develop enterprise level web application ? Learn CakePHP Framework the easy way.

  1. 3 days class
  2. Introduction to CakePHP Framework
  3. Develop simple Blog application
  4. Authentication Components
  5. Routing
  6. Helpers
  7. Components
  8. Shell
  9. Forms
  10. Integrating JQuery

Create website using CMS. Content Management System.

  1. 3 days class
  2. Introduction to Drupal
  3. Content Type
  4. Block
  5. Modules
  6. Theme
  8. Develop simple management system

Training will be conducted by our profesional trainer located at our training site or yours.
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