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Wowza Basic for 1 Day

The course will take 1 day and can be done on our training site ( Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ) or On Site Training at your place.

The required hardware & software for this course are :

  1. Broadband Internet Connection
  2. Networked PC in LAN environment
  3. Windows or Linux Operating System
  4. A copy of Wowza Media Server software
  5. JAVA JDK Software
  6. Webcam or any camera source
  7. Adobe Flash Media Encoder software

In this course your instructor will teach you the basics of streaming:

  1. What is Streaming Media
  2. Internet Streaming Technology
  3. Using website to deliver the stream
  4. Streaming Servers
  5. Why choosing Wowza
  6. Showcases


Once you have the basics,the instructor will begin its core training.

  1. Wowza download,install and configure
  2. Understanding Wowza Internals
  3. Configure Wowza for Video On Demand
  4. Configure Wowza for Live Streaming
  5. Configure Wowza for Live Recording
  6. Wowza Pre Installed Examples
  7. Application Setup
  8. Parsing & Understanding Wowza Live Debug
  9. Troubleshooting Wowza Problems & Issues
  10. Understanding Stream Formats
  11. Tuning Adobe FMLE for H264 Live Streaming
  12. Streaming to IPTV, PC and Mobile Devices

Training will be conducted by our profesional trainer located at our training site or yours.
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